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Bulk Wholesale Face Masks Australia;
KN95 Face Masks Supplier in Bulk

                          3 Ply Face masks

                       Face MaskKN95 Mask

                                       3 Ply easy breath (blue mask)

                                      Carton 40 boxes = 2000 masks
                                      @$0.19+ per mask (Box of 50)


                                                              (white mask)

KN95 Medical high grade best protection
@$0.99+ per mask
Box 50 individually packed in plasic bag
Carton of 250

It is best to update your face 
mask twice a day
Or four times a day if in a busy work enviroment.

When purchasing face masks you really do need to know what you are buying as there are many levels and some are fine for basic situations and other more advanced for when in crowds, or medical and surgery.

Level 1 for every day use, shopping or workers
Level 2 up would be best for high volume or high risk areas
Level 3 and up for nursing, doctors and dentists
Then a higher level would be KN95, and comes in various standards, for medical, surgery and extreme contact.

Email us for the right standard of mask for your business or group.


Please remember when you put on and take of face masks outdoors in the sun it is suggested to apply more sunscreen on your face a lot more than usual as you would be rubbing your sun protection off, remenber to apply to nose, and every where the mask touches the face and ears, please share this with the friends, family and work friends.


Skin Cancer research has shown Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. In fact 2 out of 3 Australians will develop at least one form of skin cancer during their life and 1,000 die from skin cancer every year. It has been established that if everyone used SPF 15+ sunscreen regularly at least until the age of 18 the number of people getting melanoma could be reduced by over 70%.
News; Sunscreen use in Australian winter period increases. 

Why use Sun Protection also known as Suncare, Sunscreen, Suncream, Sun Lotion:

  • Reduce the chance of skin cancer
  • Reduce Sunburn
  • Reduce Premature skin aging by using and every day use sunscreen

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