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Below is information about sunscreen standards and more:
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Sunsational Sunscreen  

We only supply Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Licensed Safe Sunscreen Products.

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  Skin Cancer research has shown Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. In fact 2 out of 3 Australians will develop at least one form of skin cancer during their life and 1,000 die from skin cancer every year. It has been established that if everyone used SPF 15+ sunscreen regularly at least until the age of 18 the number of people getting melanoma could be reduced by over 70%.
News; Sunscreen use in Australian winter period increases.

  Why use Sun Protection:

  • Reduce the chance of skin cancer
  • Reduce Sunburn
  • Reduce Premature skin aging by using and every day use sunscreen

  Now has more skin cancer cases than Australia.

  Did you know England has more cases of skin cancer than Australia and is heading for triple the amount within 8 years?

 Sunscreen education is growing as is the use of sunscreen.

 New Zealand now has more skin cancer cases than Australia.

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 SPF 50+ Sunscreens to be Available in Australian Stores from Summer 2014

Sunscreens sold in Australia will be allowed to display a new Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating of up to 50+, providing better broad spectrum protection from UVA - the portion of the sunís UV radiation that causes melanomas and other skin cancers.

  • From now on sunscreens sold in Australia will be allowed to display a new Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating of up to 50+, the Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, Catherine King, has announced.

  "These new sunscreen products will be required to have better broad spectrum protection from UVA - the portion of the sunís UV radiation that causes melanomas and other skin cancers", Ms King said.

  "Consumers will have a greater choice of sun protection products but while SPF 50+ sunscreens will provide better broad spectrum performance, this does not mean you are completely protected from the harmful effects of the sun. You still have to be Sun Safe."

  "You will still need to apply SPF50+ sunscreen just as liberally as SPF 30+ and re-apply liberally every 2 hours." "This applies to ALL SUNSCREENS".

  The new standard recognises that there have been significant developments in sunscreen technology in recent years that allows manufacturers in Australia to produce and test sunscreens with higher level SPF ratings.

  The change brings Australian sunscreen into line with the United States, some European countries and New Zealand that already allow SPF50+ labelling.

  SPF50+ sunscreens will be available in stores this summer.

  Existing sunscreens (most have SPF 30+) offer good protection while they are within the labelled expiry date and it will remain legal to supply them in Australia.

  The Australian and New Zealand Sunscreens Standard which allows sunscreen products to be labelled with a maximum SPF claim of 50+ is now part of the Therapeutic Goods Administrationís regulations.

  All sunscreen in Australia must show a legal label such as Aust 12345 (example only).

  • More information about the labelling change can be found at TGA.

Skin cancer in Australia predicted to jump by around 40% so more sun protection education is required, More information about being Sun Safe can be found at: www.sunsationalbodycare.com.au

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