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I really enjoyed working with you distributing your Australian made sunscreen over the last 20 years but it is time to relax and give the business to the children so we know you will look after them like gold as you did with us.
Thank you and stay well.
Another happy Sunscreen supplier 

Went on holidays to Australia and purchased a whole lot of small mini sunscreen, I gaven them out to the family and friends and the Sunsational small mini sunscreen was the first time every one was happy with.

It really is the best sunscreen we have used, I hope you sell Sunsational sunscreen in our country soon.

Thank you for putting me on to a retailer.
Bethany Lance

Tool your sunscreen to the middle east and thought you might like these photos! (photos to be posted)

Happy for you to use if it helps your branding.

My thoughts... "Took Sunsational sunscreen to the middle east, to the middle of the dessert in 40 degree heat and never got burnt once! I'm convinced!"

Best regards
Kathryn MacMillan MRCSA CAHRI
Managing Director
923|Recruitments & HR

The travel size sunscreen was a perfect size for our gift packs.
Marie Sanderson

Wholesale sunscreen Australia you are the easiest and most helpful sunscreen company i have delt with over the last 20 years and i would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tracey Olsson
North Queensland sunscreen distributor


The "bulk sunscreen" you supplied our company was not enough as it sold out in the first month.

Can you triple the order and send it this week?  "Best selling sunscreen"

Australian Sunscreen Distributor

The Sunsational sunscreen brand is the best by far, it sells of the shelf 
faster than most of the other sunscreen brands.

Sunscreen supplier


Our sports teams had used Solrx sunscreen, Soleo sunscreen, Wotnot sunscreen, Grahams sunscreen, and they are fine but the Sunsational sunscreen for price, quality, and sun protection is a way better sunscreen, 

Glad that we found you.

Brad Wise 

The "small sunscreen" was the best we have used our customers doubled the order and told others that now want to order the "small sunscreen tubes"
Thanks for the wonderful service.

Lesley lovett


You asked for feedback on the insect repellent and the whole team were extremely happy, the mild smell is pleasant and seems like nothing is on my skin,


Your sunscreen is a real hit with our customers, can I now order 5 large 1 litre pump sunscreens to be delivered today.

Thanks for the good service.

Paul Hartman

Thanks for all your great help and getting us out of the trouble when our old sunscreen supplier let us down.

Lloyd Thompson

A very good sunscreen and I would like to expand our range can you suggest what other sizes you would recommend?

Tina Welsh

Wow you guys rock, parcel arrived today. Fantastic business!



Your sunscreen products are great and we get a lot of positive feedback.

Sports Events

Very good service and a joy to deal with your company
The sunscreen was the best price to date. 

Thank you very much

Thanks for the great service, the sunscreen products you suggested was thebest sunscreen for our business, you are a great supplier Wholesale sunscreen.

Alfred Ski


Very popular "small sunscreens" at our work place party, everyone enjoyed the Sunday Work event and thank you for looking after us so well.

Megan Gates PR officer   


The best service and fast delivery for sun protection products, they will find what you are looking for at a discounted rate.

Barry Cooper


A while ago my husband bought a 200ml tube of your 50+ sunscreen at an Island bait shop. I have just started using it, and love it as it is genuinely non-greasy, non-whitening & fragrance free (unlike many others I have tried, despite their claims)! We are travelling, so are you able to let me know any north Qld retailers so I can restock? I can’t do an online order for several months. With thanks,

Judith N 

You guys are fantistic with all the help you offred set up our new wholesale business, no other supplier help as much as you guys,
Thanks team Sunsational sunscreen.
Luke Sutton
Wholesaler, Australia

We have finished our first suncreen fundraiser and it went very well, some people have asked for extra sunscreen so i would like to ask for more,
many of the parents said Sunsational sunscreen is a very good sunscreen they like that it is clear and also said it worked extremely well on peeling sensitive skin.

Tuk J



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